Recommendation Letter Request Template

Our Recommendation Letter Request Template is tailored to help you reach out to instructors, healthcare professionals, or supervisors with ease.

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Template Highlights

This Letter of Recommendation Request Template is available for download in Microsoft Word. Begin by customizing the cover page with your personal details.

Provides a concise introduction, explaining the purpose and importance of the recommendation letter.

It clearly outline the key attributes, accomplishments, and experiences you'd like the recommender to highlight.

It offers guidance on the recommender's contact information, ensuring it's accurate and complete. Includes a polite and appreciative conclusion, expressing gratitude for their assistance

It ensure to provide space for the recommender's signature and date.

At the end of the template, it reiterates your thanks and provides contact information in case they have any questions or need further details.

Template FAQ's

You can easily personalize the template by replacing the placeholder information on the cover page with your own details. Additionally, customize the introductory section to explain your specific requirements for the recommendation letter.

Yes, it’s a common and professional practice to use a template when requesting recommendation letters. It ensures clarity and provides your recommender with all the necessary details to write a strong endorsement.

In this section, you should specify the qualities, accomplishments, or experiences you’d like the recommender to emphasize in the letter. Be clear and concise about what you believe would make your application or request stand out.

The conclusion should express gratitude for the recommender’s assistance and provide space for their signature and date. It’s also a good practice to offer your contact information in case they have any questions or require further information.

This FAQ should help you understand how to effectively use the “Letter of Recommendation Request Template” and address common queries you might have.