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Invest in the Future of Nursing

Our NEXT-LEVEL UNDERGRADUATE REVENUE SHARE (NURSE) Agreements offer investors a dual opportunity: to drive impactful change in nursing education and to engage in an alternative income strategy.

What are NURSE Agreements?

NURSE (Next-Level Undergraduate Revenue Share) Agreements at North Palm College of Nursing  are innovative financing instruments designed to support students in their educational journey. They offer an alternative to traditional student loans, focusing on accessibility and success in nursing education.

NURSE Program's Role

NURSE Agreements are not just financial instruments; they represent our commitment to student success. By offering these agreements, we enable more students to access quality nursing education without the immediate financial burden.

Focus on Education

The NURSE program is designed to align with our students' educational journeys. We emphasize practical skills, hands-on experience, and a supportive learning environment, ensuring our graduates are well-prepared for the demands of the healthcare sector.

The Challenges of Funding Nursing Education

As the expenses for nursing education continue to climb, many aspiring nurses are confronted with financial barriers. High tuition fees often necessitate loans that can burden students for years. For those without access to traditional funding or a cosigner, the dream of becoming a nurse can seem unattainable.

Growing Need For Registered Nurses

We are committed to providing a quality education that prepares our students for successful careers in healthcare. Here are some key statistics and information about the nursing industry:

Annual growth in employment
0 %
Average New Graduate salary
$ 0
Employment rate for RN's
0 %

Help Bridge the Education Gap for Aspiring Nurses

Investing  represents an opportunity to support the next generation of healthcare professionals. While our program offers a unique social impact by directly contributing to the education of nurses, we also present a potential for returns based on the collective success of graduates. Investors thus become partners in a socially responsible venture that supports healthcare education.

A Strategic Approach to Supporting Nursing Education

  • Potential for Diversified Returns:

    The NURSE (Next-Level Undergraduate Revenue Share) Program at North Palm College of Nursing represents a forward-thinking approach to education funding. While primarily focused on student success, this program indirectly offers the potential for diversified returns. By supporting students today, investors could benefit from the program’s success as these future nurses enter the workforce.

  • Income-Driven Repayment Model:

    Our NURSE Agreements are structured around an income-driven repayment model. This innovative approach aligns repayment with graduates’ earning potential, offering a balanced risk-return profile in the realm of education financing.

  • Supporting Long-Term Success:

    Investing in the NURSE Program isn’t just about potential financial outcomes; it’s about contributing to the long-term success of nursing professionals. This commitment can indirectly lead to diversified benefits as the healthcare sector continues to grow and evolve.

  • Managed with Professional Expertise:

    The NURSE Program is professionally managed, ensuring that the agreements are structured effectively and align with the overarching goal of providing quality nursing education. This professional oversight adds a layer of reliability and potential stability to the program.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The NURSE Program is an innovative funding model that allows students to pursue nursing education without the upfront financial burden, with repayment based on their future income.

Investments in our institutions programs provide essential funding for nursing education, supporting students’ academic journeys and future career success.

Partners can anticipate indirect benefits from the program’s success, including potential returns aligned with graduates’ career progression in the nursing field.

Specific details regarding minimum investment requirements are provided upon request to interested accredited investors.

Repayments are professionally managed and distributed based on the terms of the agreement, with a focus on aligning them with graduates’ earning potential.

Investing in the NURSE Program contributes to the development of skilled healthcare professionals, addressing critical needs in the nursing sector.

All investments carry risks, and the NURSE Program is no exception. Specific risk factors will be detailed in our private placement memorandum for accredited investors.

NPCN employs a comprehensive approach to education and career support, ensuring high standards in nursing education and graduate success.

Yes, investments in the NURSE Program can add a unique element to a diversified investment portfolio, particularly in the social impact and educational sectors.

Interested accredited investors can contact us directly for more detailed information and to discuss potential partnership opportunities.