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102% ROI with Palm Shares

Invest in a High-Growth Opportunity with Guaranteed Impact

What are Palm Shares?

Palm Shares offer you the opportunity to earn substantial returns by investing in the future revenue of North Palm College of Nursing. Think of it as buying a piece of a growing pie. The bigger your slice, the more you can earn as our college grows.

Our nursing education programs are designed to address the growing demand for healthcare professionals, ensuring a steady stream of revenue as we educate future nurses. Your investment in Palm Shares directly contributes to this mission while providing you with significant financial returns.

How Does It Work?

Choose Your Package

Select your desired package and complete the purchase through our secure online platform. You’ll receive a confirmation email and a Palm Shares certificate.

Quick Returns:

Your purchase generates returns based on the performance of North Palm College of Nursing. You’ll receive distributions for a 4-year term.

Example Using $500

Invest $500 and gain a 0.5% stake in the TRSA pool. Over 4 years, your investment can grow significantly as the college’s revenue increases.

Why Buy a Palm Share?

Palm Shares offer a compelling financial opportunity with significant returns. For example, a $500 Palm Share can yield an estimated return of $8,200 over a 4-year term. This translates to an impressive annualized return rate of over 102%, which is considerably higher than traditional savings accounts or many stock market investments.

Learn More! Attend Palm Shares Information Session

Discover Your Path: Attend Our Palm Shares Information Session

Sign up for our exclusive information session, Discover Your Path, and learn how Palm Shares can help you achieve financial success. Join us to explore the benefits of investing in the future revenue of North Palm College of Nursing. Register now to secure your spot and start your journey towards high returns.

Revenue Potential of a $500 Palm Share

By investing $500 in a Palm Share, you can potentially achieve impressive financial gains due to high annual returns, compounded growth over four years, and an attractive ROI with minimal initial investment. These statistics highlight the lucrative opportunity Palm Shares offer to investors looking to maximize their returns while supporting the growth of nursing education:

Initial Purchase Amount
$ 250
Annual ROI
0 %
Money In Your Account
$ 0

Investing in Education Always Makes Money

Investing in education is widely recognized as one of the most effective ways to generate significant returns, both financially and socially. The benefits of education investments extend beyond individual gains, contributing to societal progress and economic growth. Here are key reasons why investing in education is a lucrative and impactful choice.

Effortless Earnings

  • No Active Management Required:

    One of the key benefits of Palm Shares is that you do not need to actively manage your investment. Unlike rental properties or other passive income sources that require ongoing oversight and maintenance, Palm Shares require no additional work once you have made your investment.

  • Focus on Long-Term Growth:

    The structure of Palm Shares is designed to maximize your returns over a four-year period. This long-term focus ensures that you can benefit from the growth of North Palm College of Nursing as it expands and increases its revenue. By holding your shares over the term, you can capitalize on the consistent and increasing income generated by the institution.

  • Security and Transparency:

    North Palm College of Nursing is backed by the regulatory approval of the Florida Board of Nursing and the Commission for Independent Education. Additionally, the shares are registered under Regulation D with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), providing an added layer of security and transparency for investors.

  • Diversified Income Stream:

    Investing in Palm Shares allows you to diversify your income stream. Instead of relying solely on traditional investments like stocks or bonds, you can benefit from the educational sector’s robust and consistent revenue. This diversification can help stabilize your overall income and reduce financial risk.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Palm Shares are a unique investment opportunity that allows you to earn substantial returns by investing in the future revenue of North Palm College of Nursing. It’s similar to purchasing shares in a company, but instead of stock, you get a stake in our college’s tuition revenue.

Your investment in Palm Shares entitles you to a portion of the Tuition Revenue Sharing Amount (TRSA) pool. This pool is a percentage of our annual tuition revenue, distributed to partners based on their share.

The TRSA pool is the total revenue allocated for distribution among Palm Shares partners. It is calculated as a percentage of our annual tuition revenue, ensuring you receive returns proportional to your investment.

The potential earnings vary depending on the package you choose. For example, a $500 Palm Share can yield an estimated return of $8,200 over a 4-year term. Higher investment packages offer even greater returns.

Each Palm Share package has a 4-year term. During this period, you will receive annual distributions from the TRSA pool, allowing you to benefit from our college’s growth.

Yes, we offer four investment packages: Palm Shares 500, Palm Shares 1500, Palm Shares 3000, and Palm Shares 5000. Each package has different TRSA rates and commission structures to suit various investment levels.

To get started, fill out our online application to become a North Palm Partner. Once approved, you can select your investment package and complete your purchase through our secure platform.

We provide comprehensive support and training, including marketing materials, online resources, and dedicated support from NPCN. You’ll also have access to seminars, weekly meetings, and networking opportunities.

Our commission structure includes direct and secondary commissions. You earn a percentage of the investment amount for each partner you refer directly, as well as a smaller percentage for the partners they refer.

To learn more, we invite you to watch our free webinar. The webinar provides detailed information about Palm Shares, the investment process, and the potential returns.