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Empowering Future Healthcare Professionals for Success

North Palm College of Nursing’s strategy is centered around empowering future nurses through our innovative Palm Shares program. This approach is designed to generate returns by investing in the education and development of nursing students. After an initial investment phase, Palm Shares aims to provide a regular revenue stream derived from our unique Tuition Revenue Sharing Agreements (TRSA).

Investment FeatureDetails
Target Return102%
Portfolio InvestmentsNursing Education Investment Program (NEIP)
Min. InvestmentUSD $500
Partner FormatIndividual accounts
Cash DistributionsQuarterly, following 12-month investment period
Expected Term4 Years
Tax ReportingForm 1099-MISC
Partner NewsletterBi-Annual
LeverageLeverage may be used based on specific investment strategies
Partner SuitabilitySophisticated and Accredited Individual Investors
Accreditation AgentN/A
Management FeesZero
Operational and Administration ExpensesZero
Educational PartnerNorth Palm College of Nursing

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"Investing in education is investing in the future. Each nurse we educate today becomes a cornerstone of healthcare tomorrow."

Equity Investment

Long-term growth potential through equity in a pioneering nursing education model
Participation in future financial success of North Palm College of Nursing
Access to regular financial performance updates and strategic insights
Opportunity to contribute to a transformative educational initiative
Priority access to future investment opportunities with North Palm College of Nursing

Palm Shares

Regular income stream based on the revenue performance of the program
Alignment with a socially responsible investment in education
Direct impact on student success and accessibility of nursing education
Transparent revenue sharing model with clear terms and conditions
Low entry barrier with scalable investment options

Palm Shares +

Combination of regular income from revenue sharing and potential equity conversion
Flexibility to transition from revenue-based returns to equity ownership
Enhanced investment diversification with a mix of fixed income and growth potential
Participation in both current revenue and future growth prospects
Unique blend of immediate financial returns and long-term investment in education

Partner Benefits

As an experienced educational institution, we bring a depth of knowledge and understanding of the nursing education sector. Our team, consisting of seasoned professionals in educational financing and management, ensures each investment is strategically positioned for success.

Investment Highlights:

  1. Steady Returns Post-Investment Period: Our structured approach is designed to generate steady returns following a specific investment period, aligning with the career progress of our nursing graduates.

  2. Defined Investment Horizon: We offer investment opportunities with a clear, limited duration, providing our partners with a predictable investment timeline and exit strategy.

  3. Simplified Investment Process: Our Palm Shares model is streamlined for ease of understanding and participation, making it accessible for a wide range of partners.

  4. Professional Management: Each plan is meticulously managed by our team of professionals who are deeply entrenched in the educational and financial sectors, ensuring a balanced and well-managed portfolio.

  5. Direct Impact on Nursing Education: By investing with us, you’re directly contributing to the advancement of nursing education, supporting the development of healthcare professionals essential to our community’s well-being.

What We Represent


We embrace creativity and seek innovative solutions to drive positive change in healthcare.


We foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration, valuing diverse perspectives and collective expertise.


We empower individuals to reach their full potential, fostering personal and professional growth.


We demonstrate empathy and compassion, putting the well-being of others at the forefront of our actions.


We strive for excellence in all aspects of education, delivering high-quality programs and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.


We uphold the highest ethical standards, promoting honesty, transparency, and accountability.

Message from the Director of Education

Dear Partners,

At North Palm College of Nursing, we recognize the pivotal role of education in shaping the future of healthcare. Our mission is to not only educate the next generation of nurses but also to create a lasting impact on the health sector through innovative educational approaches.

Our partnership offers an opportunity to invest in a model that combines academic excellence with financial sustainability. Our rigorous curriculum, dedicated faculty, and comprehensive training programs are designed to produce highly skilled nursing professionals who are ready to meet the evolving demands of healthcare.

Investing with us is more than a financial decision; it’s a commitment to nurturing talent and contributing to a healthier future. As partners, you play a crucial role in empowering aspiring nurses, enabling them to access quality education without the burden of traditional financial constraints.

We invite you to join us in this journey of transforming lives and revolutionizing nursing education. Together, we can build a legacy of excellence and compassion in healthcare.

Thank you for considering this impactful partnership. We look forward to collaborating with you to make a meaningful difference in the world of nursing.

Warm regards,

Andrea Kanen, MSN-Ed

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