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Boost Up Your Nursing Career with Our Advanced Nursing Programs

The healthcare sector is an important one in the everyday working of mankind and nurses are the building blocks or one can also say they are the backbone to patient care. To boost their careers and become the best in the field, people often choose advanced nursing programs.

Among these programs, the Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) stands out as the right choice for people trying to step ahead in the nursing field. 

Choosing colleges with the best nursing programs is the first step to getting closer to the dream of becoming an expert in your field. 

Let’s understand why an ASN program has become essential in the past couple of years and how we at North Palm College of Nursing, can be your right choice for the same. 

Understanding the Significance of Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN)

In the present world, the demand for skilled nurses is getting up the scale since every healthcare provider needs the best building blocks for their clinics and hospitals. 

When you choose an ASN degree you not only get the right knowledge but also the required clinical experience and practical skills to excel in the field of nursing. When you enroll yourself in an ASN degree it also serves as a stepping stone to the advanced nursing programs, allowing specialization in various fields. 

Out of various colleges with the best nursing programs, North Palm College of Nursing stands out as the first choice for nursing enthusiasts because of the highly skilled faculty and the best facilities to have the right practical knowledge with a dedicated career team who help our students to get employed in the healthcare industry. 

North Palm College of Nursing: The Right Place For Your Career Boost

Currently, there are several educational institutions offering nursing courses yet what makes us the right choice for advanced nursing programs? Many students may come up with these questions, here are some key features of our colleges making it the right choice to choose from various colleges with the best nursing programs:

  1. Experienced and Skilled Faculty: The professionals with us come with years of experience in the nursing field and have the right skills to teach you every little detail of the subject making sure you don’t miss out on any topic of the curriculum. 
  1. Personalized Support: Our faculty makes sure that every student is given equal attention and personalized support if they are struggling with any subject matter. 
  1. Field Experiences: In the healthcare industry, field experiences matter the most, sticking to the same fact we make sure not to bombard the students with only theoretical knowledge but also provide the right training in real healthcare settings.   
  1. Flexible Schedules: We understand that people have a hectic life and taking sessions while they are busy with their daily life chores is not an easy task, hence we have flexible schedules to accommodate your needs. 
  1. Graduation to Employment: We have a skilled career guidance team who are here to help our students find the right employment in the healthcare industry post their graduation. 

Enroll yourself in our ASN programs today and see how your career gets up the success ladder in just 14 months with us at North Palm College of Nursing! 

What does our ASN program have to offer?

When you choose us to boost your nursing career by enrolling in our advanced nursing programs, we make sure that the entire duration, both the right knowledge and skills are provided to you. Here’s a brief view of what we offer: 

  1. Program Length: 14-18 Months
  2. Program Credit Hours: 74
  3. Clinical Hours: 585

Look what you get to learn with us in the seven terms of your ASN program:

TERM 1: 

  1. MAT1230 – College Algebra
  2. ENG1210 – English Composition I
  3. BIOL1120 – Anatomy & Physiology I
  4. BIOL1121 – Anatomy & Physiology I VLab

This term is delivered to you in the online method. 

Term 2:

  1. BIOL1130 – Anatomy & Physiology II
  2. BIOL1131 – Anatomy & Physiology II VLab
  3. COMM1310 – Elements of Human Communications
  4. BIOL1340 – Microbiology

This term is delivered to you in the online method. 

Term 3:

  1. NCN1420 – Foundations of Nursing Practice
  2. NCN2240 – Health Assessment

This term is delivered to you in the blended method. 

Term 4:

  1. NCN1530 – Adult Health Nursing 
  2. NCN1040 – Pharmacology
  3. PSY1270 – General Psychology

General Psychology is delivered online and the other two are in the blended method. 

Term 5:

  1. NCN1720 – Mental and Behavioral Health Nursing
  2. NCN1630 – Adult Health Nursing II

This term is delivered to you in the blended method. 

Term 6:

  1. HGD1280 – Human Growth & Development
  2. NCN2350 – Nursing Care of Childbearing Families
  3. NCN2460 – Critical Care Nursing

Human Growth & Development is delivered online mode and the other two are in the blended method. 

Term 7:

  1. NCN2470-Transition to Professional Practice
  2. NCN2580 – NCLEX Readiness

This term is delivered to you in the blended method. 

Curious to learn these subjects? Enroll Now! 

Our advanced nursing programs are the right step in your nursing journey. Curious to know about the admission process? Click here and see how in just a few easy steps you can be part of North Palm College of Nursing, one of the best colleges with the best nursing programs! 

To make things easier for you we are here to help you out, get in touch with us to know more about the course, our professionals will lead you through the essential details needed and will answer your questions related to the course before getting ahead with us. 


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